Medical malpractice lawsuit alleges doctor failed to tell patient he had cancer

A medical malpractice lawsuit has been filed alleging that a doctor failed to inform his patient that the patient had cancer.

Amber Hines is pursuing the lawsuit her father, Edward Hines, filed before his death from bladder cancer in April 2013. The lawsuit alleges that a urologist practicing at Oak Park’s West Suburban Medical Center removed a tumor from Hines’ bladder in 2011, then informed him that he was free of cancer. According to the lawsuit, a pathology report issued a week later revealed that the patient had bladder cancer, but the doctor failed to inform him.

According to the lawsuit, Hines did not learn he had cancer until a year later, when he visited a different doctor. The suit alleges that Hines would have had a greater chance for survival if he had learned of the diagnosis earlier.

In court documents, the doctor contested Hines’ version of events, saying that the patient was informed that he had cancer after the tumor was removed. The doctor claims that Hines failed to follow up as instructed and did not ask for results of the pathology report.

According to the lawsuit, Hines went without treatment for one year. After the 2012 diagnosis, he saw several doctors, had his prostate and bladder removed and underwent chemotherapy.

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