5 Threats that are Common in Divorce Proceedings

Top Orange County divorce lawyers; The Maggio Law FirmIt is widely believed and almost a universal fact that divorce proceedings are usually hard on both the spouses. There is often an underlying sense of lack of fulfillment regarding the distribution of assets, the money, or the custody of the child at the end of a divorce. Such situations can cause a large amount of bitterness between the spouses. With emotions already running high, an added dose of non-fulfillment can spark a few accusations and threats towards each other.

Here are a few of these threats that you might receive from your spouse. Always though, remember that these threats hold no relevance until your case starts being heard.

“Don’t trust your attorney, mine will save you money and represent you better”

When it comes to choosing an Orange County divorce lawyer, it is important that you choose one that you have interviewed, one whom you know. You should be aware of their credentials and have the utmost confidence in his or her abilities. It is important that you stay well away from falling into the other spouse’s trap of getting yourself represented by their attorney. Their attorney, being their attorney first, is likely to work for their benefits and that can harm your court case.

“Your actions mean that I will never let you see the kids again”

There is absolutely no need for you to worry about such a threat. This is another one of those empty threats which holds no substance at all. Matters of child custody and child visitation are decided by the Family law court. They will look at the child’s best interest in mind when deciding both these issues and not listen to one or the other parent’s grudges.

“I will fight this case for eternity, I don’t care about the legal fees”

This is a common threat that is often used by spouses that feel strongly for vendetta. The purpose of such a threat is to scare the other party to back down without a fight. Whenever you are threatened this way, inform your divorce attorney that your spouse intends to delay the case and stretch it. A good lawyer will know how to handle such cases.

“I’ll go to jail but I won’t give you a penny”

This again is another one of those harmless threats. The Family courts have strong legal foundations and are there to ensure that you get all the support payments that you are entitled to. These payments can be either child support or spousal support. Jail sentence is also an option for a spouse that acts against court orders.

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