In fee petition hearing, court acknowledges high value of attorney Robert Joyce’s skill

In a recent fee petition hearing, a judge of the Hillsborough County Circuit Court acknowledged the high value of attorney Robert Joyce’s skill, stating that there are “only a few lawyers in town that I think are worth $600 an hour,” and that Mr. Joyce is one of them, due to his “astonishing” workmanship.

The following is an excerpted transcript of the proceedings:

THE COURT: Okay. Well, let me tell you this. As you know – I don’t know how much I make, 75, 80 dollars an hour. I’ve been a lawyer since 1970. I did award Mr. Joyce $600 an hour in the past. And his, I want to say, workmanship, his cross-examination is astonishing, the way he handles witnesses, witnesses for the defense, experts. I mean, he’s very good. Six hundred dollars an hour I know is high end. There’s only a few lawyers in town that I think are worth $600 an hour. I think $600 an hour is a reasonable rate for him. It kind of hurts me because I only make like 75, 80 bucks an hour and I’m – you know, I’ve got probably the same number of years that he has and I’ve got – but he’s probably, on his cross-examination, top, top in town. I mean, can’t be too many more better than him. So I have to give him that rate of $600 an hour. All right?

Mr. Joyce won this fee petition matter, meaning that defense counsel had to pay his attorney’s fees. When you hire Joyce & Reyes to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit, you pay no fee unless we win your case. The court’s statements above are an indication of the value you receive.

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