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Alleged Misinterpretation of Test Results Impacts Young Football Player’s Career

Dec 30, 2014

Arkansas Personal Injury Lawyer - Michael Smith

Arkansas Personal Injury Lawyer – Michael Smith

Little Rock, AR (Law Firm Newswire) December 30, 2014 – Did a misread MRI end a promising football career? In this medical negligence case, legal professionals are disputing a surgeon’s alleged misinterpretation of test results.

“The proving point rests on how a surgeon read the results of an MRI for a 26-year-old aspiring football player. The plaintiff suggests he was told his initial surgery to reattach an Achilles tendon looked good and was intact – a signal he took to start playing again,” explained Michael Smith, an Arkansas injury lawyer.

Subsequently, the young man re-injured his Achilles tendon and required another operation. His second injury was debilitating. He faces a long journey trying to rehabilitate the second tear to allow him to play again. Angry at his first surgeon for allegedly misleading him after his initial operation, the young man chose to file a lawsuit claiming negligence, fraud and detrimental damage to his budding football career.

The first surgeon who operated on the player allegedly told him in March 2013 that the MRI of the heel looked good and that he was “intact.” The plaintiff’s lawsuit suggests that the surgeon hid the real condition of the player’s tendon tear, which was actually in danger of completely rupturing and structurally compromised. The lawsuit further claims that the defendants did not provide acceptable medical care and treatment, including rehabilitative services.

“In medical negligence cases, the jury must consider a host of information, including material from expert medical witnesses. These cases are incredibly complex, and this one will rest on the jury’s perception of what the first surgeon told the player and on what the results of the MRI were – as interpreted by another doctor/radiologist,” added Smith.

Not all bad outcomes with a doctor or surgeon necessarily result from medical negligence. In order to determine if a potential plaintiff has a case, he or she should seek experienced legal counsel to discuss legal rights.

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