Horrific Abuse by Home Aides Leaves 99-Year-Old Patient Dead

Sacramento, CA (Law Firm Newswire) November 19, 2014 — Nursing home abuse does not just happen in a nursing facility. It can also happen in a patient’s home.

“This case was a tough one for the family,” said nursing home abuse attorney, Deborah Barron, who is not involved in this case. “This kind of situation could just as easily happen in any nursing home or private residence in California.”

Peter Mazza had raised five children over the 47 years he had lived in his home. He had become a grandpa to 13 children. His loving family cherished Mazza’s presence in their lives.

“Mazza was 99 years old, and he wanted to live at home. The family hired aides to provide him 24/7 care. But the aides ended up leaving him to care for himself after he fell, sustaining head injuries and several fractures,” Barron detailed.

Video surveillance cameras caught shocking footage of the abuse to which the man was subjected during the last few months of his life. Partners in Care and the Nurse Service of New York aides were shown throwing the man onto his bed and tying him up with a blanket, masturbating in front of him, and even watching him fall out of his wheelchair and call for help, while leaving him struggling on the floor. They knew the cameras were present.

The camera feeds went directly to the family’s various cellphones and computers, a precaution the children took to ensure that their dad was safe. This extra step was in addition to checking in on him personally every day. In spite of their vigilance, their father was admitted to a nursing home and died within three months in fear and pain.

The family took the video footage to an attorney and filed a lawsuit alleging reckless, negligent and wanton conduct.

“Nursing home abuse is one of the most horrific violations of trust against our most vulnerable citizens. These are the people who built America for us, so we could live a good life, achieve our goals and make something of ourselves. They do not deserve to live in fear. If you suspect a family member is being abused, talk to me. We will take action,” said Barron.

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