Michael Gilfix to Speak on Special Needs Estate Planning at Autism Society Event

Palo Alto, CA (Law Firm Newswire) October 17, 2014 – Michael Gilfix is a featured panelist at an upcoming Bay Area event focused on helping families ensure supported housing for their adult children with autism.

The event, hosted by the Autism Society of the San Francisco Bay Area, is titled “A Place for Us: Supported Housing Solutions for Adults with Developmental Disabilities.” The day-long event will take place at the Sobrato Center for Nonprofits in Redwood City on October 24.

Gilfix will take part in a panel discussion on “retention of family property and collaborative purchase of homes for grown developmentally disabled children.” As part of his presentation, he will discuss ways that families can retain a residence for a special needs family member without disturbing eligibility for public benefits.

Other sessions will address new housing models, residential community options, and ways to make the most of the limited assistance available to families with adult children with autism.

Gilfix is a regular contributor to Autism Society events. He was a panelist at the event “Who Cares for Our ASD Adult Children After We’re Gone?” earlier this year. He has led a number of workshops on estate planning for families with special needs children.

The Autism Society is a community-based organization operating in six Bay Area counties. The Autism Society works to provide support, resources and networking opportunities to autism families, with a special focus on support mechanisms for adults with autism.

Registration for the October 24 event is available on the Autism Society of the San Francisco Bay Area website.

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