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Divorce Mediator Gerald Maggio Explains How Mediation Can Save Families

Oct 29, 2014

Orange County, CA (Law Firm Newswire) October 29, 2014 – Not every marriage can be saved. But as divorce mediator Gerald Maggio explains, families who choose divorce mediation can save themselves from serious emotional strain and financial difficulty.

“Time and time again, we see how financial trauma from litigated divorce can change the course of peoples’ lives,” said Maggio, a licensed mediator who specializes in creating fair and cost-effective mediated agreements. “Litigated divorces can take years to finalize, and they can cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.”

Maggio explained that many families run through retirement savings and college savings when paying for lawyers and court fees in traditional divorce. Mediated divorces, in contrast, can often be handled for a flat fee that couples can plan for and divide fairly. The consequences of an expensive, protracted, litigated divorce can last for years. Divorcing parties may have to change retirement plans or begin saving for retirement from nothing; children may face limited choices of colleges and other educational opportunities.

According to a paper published in Conflict Resolution Quarterly, multiple studies on divorce mediation have proven that mediation saves money and time, and that it is more likely to produce satisfaction for involved family members.

“When splitting up is the right decision, divorcing couples owe it to themselves and their children to try a divorce method that avoids the spiraling costs of litigated divorce,” commented Maggio. “Using mediation to retain control over costs and outcome can save families from a process that can compromise their futures when it gets out of control.”

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