California Divorce Mediators Offers Mediation for High-Conflict Couples

Orange County, CA (Law Firm Newswire) October 22, 2014 — California Divorce Mediators, a divorce mediation practice in Orange County, California, offers dedicated divorce mediation options for couples experiencing extreme levels of conflict.

“We believe every couple deserves the opportunity to choose a cost-effective divorce,” said Gerald Maggio, founder of California Divorce Mediators. “By matching the circumstances of a particular couple to the correct mediation process, we can bring even hostile couples through to a sustainable divorce agreement.”

According to a study from Pepperdine University, the characteristics of high-conflict couples include constant arguing, quick hostility and verbal aggression. The study reports that litigation is often the worst decision for these types of couples because it creates new tensions and heightens conflict even further.

“For many of these couples,” said Maggio, “litigation turns into mutually assured destruction.”

California Divorce Mediators offers a number of mediation options that can be specifically tailored to high-conflict couples. The firm features a highly structured process and provides mediators specially trained to hone in on productive discussion. In addition, California Divorce Mediators offers virtual mediation options for divorcing parties who would prefer to attend sessions in the comfort of their own homes or from other remote locations.

“One of the principal benefits of mediated divorce for high-conflict couples is the expediency factor,” explained Maggio. “Because litigated divorce depends on the schedule of the court system, it often takes a long time to finalize — leaving these couples mired in active conflict for years.” According to Maggio, mediated divorce allows high-conflict couples to move through the divorce more quickly so that each person can move forward with life.
Maggio noted that mediation is not always the best choice in conflict-charged relationships if mental illness, domestic violence or substance abuse are major concerns for one or both parties.

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