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Study Shows Yelp Is Most Trusted by Lawyer-Seekers, but Does That Convert to Web Traffic for Law Firms?

Aug 8, 2014

The Legal Marketing Lab is available on iTunes.

The Legal Marketing Lab is available on iTunes.

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) August 8, 2014 – A recent study released by Software Advice showed an interesting trend. Consumers needing an attorney trust Yelp more than any other website, including traditional lawyer-specific directories. There is more to learn behind any numbers, and Custom Legal Marketing Lab decided to dig a little deeper and produce a report for its CLM Lab.

The initial Software Advice study was based on 3,465 participants. Yelp was their most popular and trusted source to search for attorneys, even ranking above named lawyer directories. The study also revealed that “70 percent of prospective clients would travel further to see an attorney with better online reviews.”

The value of online reviews is growing, and this data only amplifies that realization. Yelp may be more trusted than legal peer-review directories because it influences so many other choices customers and clients make, from restaurants to new dentists.

The research team at Custom Legal Marketing, a company that specializes in mid-size and large law firm marketing, wanted to find out if Yelp’s popularity and most-trusted status also allowed the site to bring the most conversions and new clients to a firm. Good Yelp reviews are powerful, but do they refer more web traffic to law firms than other sites do?

The CLM Lab Report (available for free download) based its research on 357,570 website visits to the pages of law firms based in the United States across multiple regions. Each practice area was equally represented.

As local networks like Google+, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local show local results within search engine results, those networks were omitted from the study.

Law firms can find out which directory drives the most traffic to U.S. firms by downloading the free report at http://www.customlegalmarketing.com/lab/yelp-is-popular-for-lawyer-seekers-but-does-it-deliver-web-traffic/.

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