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Doctors Prescribing More New Oral Anticoagulants Despite Known Risks, Rottenstein Law Group LLP Notes With Concern

Aug 29, 2014

Rottenstein Law Group LLP

Rottenstein Law Group LLP

Rockville Centre, NY (Law Firm Newswire) August 29, 2014 – A new study shows that physicians are prescribing Pradaxa, Xarelto, and Apixaban in higher numbers than ever, notwithstanding research linking these blood-thinning drugs to potentially fatal adverse side effects.

According to an analysis published in the American Journal of Medicine, physicians have been prescribing newer anticoagulants such as Pradaxa, Xarelto, and Apixaban to treat patients with atrial fibrillation, instead of older drugs such as the popular warfarin. An editorial that accompanies the study acknowledges that “there is no antidote to reverse the anticoagulant effect with these new drugs in the case of bleeding.”*

“This is troubling,” said Rochelle Rottenstein, principal of the Rottenstein Law Group, “Patients trust their doctors, and they should of course be able to do so. But when a drug is known to have as severe a side effect as Xarelto and its sister drugs are known to have, then patients are put in the unfortunate position of having to second-guess their doctors.”

In 2013, the U.S. FDA received several hundred adverse event reports submitted by individuals who claimed to have a serious adverse side effect while taking Xarelto (rivaroxaban) (www.rotlaw.com/xarelto/), as compared to a lower number for Pradaxa (dabigatran).** Data show that the number of persons being prescribed these blood thinning drugs is estimated at about 4 million for the year, with Xarelto prescriptions outnumbering Pradaxa prescriptions by two-to-one.** Anticoagulants (or “blood thinners”) are considered high-risk prescription drugs because they can cause excessive internal bleeding and other injuries in some patients.

Anyone needing more information about the dangers of Xarelto should visit the firm’s Xarelto legal page, where everything is explained in clear, concise language. Representatives of the firm are available to answer any questions, and there is a confidential, no-cost claim evaluation form that can be filled out in order to determine if there are grounds to file a Xarelto lawsuit.


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