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Bigger Law Firm Magazine Highlights Accessible Design and Content Best Practices for Your Clients, Competitive Intelligence and Gamification in Business Training for Your Legal Team

Jul 17, 2014

The Bigger Law Firm™ magazine

The Bigger Law Firm™ magazine

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) July 17, 2014 – In 2014′s June/July Issue, BLF takes a two-pronged approach to maximizing your law firm’s business potential. With strategies to attract, accommodate and keep your web visitors, BLF helps lawyers reach out to prospective clients. Then, to build your firm from within, the issue covers new technologies and new mindsets to enhance your expertise and marketing impact.

This issue’s feature advises legal marketing teams to “Design for All.” More and more seniors are heading online – in fact, they belong to the fastest-growing web demographic. Yet few websites cater to their unique needs and preferences, and it is easier to frustrate older, less experienced web users with design roadblocks. BLF’s Art Director, Kristen Friend, breaks down the best strategies to make your website senior-friendly while enhancing it for users of all demographics.

Diane Dean-Epps gives readers “The 411 on 404 Pages,” offering advice and inspiration to keep visitors happily with you even when they reach a dead end.

Falsifying social media popularity is a terrible idea. Buying support goes against the policies of almost every website in existence. But even if your firm abstains from such shady practices, it can still fall victim to click farmers and fraudulent followers who damage your brand for their own gain. Brendan Conley tells readers how to fight back in “If It’s Fake, It Will Cost You.”

Few law schools offer courses in marketing one’s firm. But in today’s competitive legal industry, lawyers need business and advertising savvy to survive. Fortunately, games and learning programs can build that knowledge in as few as five minutes a day. Kerrie Spenser reviews the options in “Gamification for Business Development.”

Over the last few years, quality content generation has become the key to SEO success. But what exactly makes a blog entry high-quality? How does a firm get started on useful articles? In “Content Creation Best Practices,” Ryan Conley demystifies this important but abstract goal with concrete and actionable steps.

TrackMaven, the rapidly expanding competitive intelligence agency most recently seen at SXSW 2014, preaches the power of “Harnessing Competitive Intelligence for Legal Marketing.” Cara Tucker sat down with TrackMaven’s Sabel Harris to learn the benefits of and secrets to unlocking information about one’s competitors to make better-educated, more effective marketing plans of one’s own.

Which is important for a law firm’s website to establish: authority or popularity? In “The Future of Search,” Brendan Conley pulls apart the differences between these two often-conflated elements of search engine ranking algorithms.

Digital convergence knits the wide variety of legal marketing technologies together to work in harmony. IT, entertainment, electronics and telecommunications can combine to fulfill a wide variety of needs in a single stroke. As Justin Torres relates in “Digital Convergence: From Maybe to Mandatory,” law firms can create an excellent client experience by uniting their online and in-office efforts.

In this issue’s “Taking the Law Into Your Own Handheld,” Kerrie Spenser elucidates the pros and cons of Viivo, a new encryption service designed to interact with online storage. Extra encryption may provide the additional security and peace of mind a firm’s most sensitive documents need in the cloud.

In his “Obiter Dicta,” Adviatech founder Jason Bland details the evolution of directories on Google’s search engine. A proliferation of gateways will no longer bring new clients; useful content and honest voices will. To jump to the top of the list, a firm needs to stop reporting on its practice area and start speaking for it.

Design for All - June / July 2014

Design for All – June / July 2014

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