Thirteen Million Dollars Awarded in Birth Injury Lawsuit

A Michigan jury has awarded $13 million to a woman who claimed that medical errors during childbirth left her daughter disfigured and unable to fully use her right arm.

The large verdict was awarded September 27, 2013 to Libbey Bryson of Flint, Michigan after a 12-day trial. The defendant hospital indicated that it was considering an appeal.

The lawsuit claimed that doctors pulled too hard on Bryson’s daughter’s head after she got stuck during childbirth on January 1, 2008. According to the suit, the baby’s arm became stuck on the pelvic bone, and when doctors pulled on the baby’s head, nerves controlling the baby’s right arm were severed. The lawsuit also claimed that doctors should have performed a Caesarean section. Court records showed that a C-section was neither requested nor offered.

Multiple surgeries have since been performed on Bryson’s daughter, and she wears a brace on her right arm. Bryson’s attorney said that the injury will require ongoing therapy. He also said that the judgment will be worth approximately $4 million once it is reduced to its present cash value and again reduced to comply with state laws capping non-economic damages.

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