Study Shows Many Accident Victims, Even Those in Pain, Never Consult an Attorney

Almost 4 million people go to U.S. emergency rooms following car accidents each year, and more than 90 percent are discharged after evaluation. Many of them suffer persistent pain from their accidents, but a majority of them never contact an attorney to discuss a lawsuit. Such are the findings of a recent study at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.

Researchers enrolled 948 individuals from four states in the study, all of whom had been in auto accidents. More than 70 percent of them reported persistent pain in one or more regions of the body six weeks after their accident. More than 30 percent reported pain in more than three body regions.

Among the 83 percent not planning litigation, persistent pain was still common. Just 17 percent of the 948 people reported contacting an attorney for planned litigation at the six-week mark. More than 25 percent of this group suffered moderate to severe neck pain, and 13 percent had widespread pain in more than six body regions.

Some misguided individuals view those who sue after an auto accident as opportunists or fakes. But if you have suffered pain, medical expenses and missed work because of an accident, you know that the losses and suffering are real. Judgments against those who cause accidents represent justice being served.

Some accident victims believe that they should “tough it out” and wait for the pain to go away, but many injuries require specialized treatment, which can be expensive, and others may never fully heal. If you have been the victim of an auto accident, do not let pride cloud your judgment. Speak with an experienced personal injury attorney today.

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