More Seniors Living With Their Children

Over the past two decades, the percentage of people age 65 and older who live with their adult children (or other relations) has risen. According to the American Community Survey, which is part of the U.S. Census, that share is 9 percent.

Experts indicate that the increase is not the result of the recession and weak recovery. Instead, it is at least partly due to the larger number of seniors who were born in another country. These seniors are four times more likely to live with their adult children.

Age makes a difference as well: older seniors live with relatives much more often. Just 6 percent of seniors age 65 to 69 live with family members, while 15 percent of seniors age 85 and over share their home.

Seniors are also more likely to live with their adult children if they are female (as female life expectancy is longer), currently unmarried and living in a metropolitan area with few other seniors.

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