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Car Split In Half: Impact Kills Passenger Says Austin Injury Attorney Bobby Lee

Jan 31, 2014

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) January 31, 2014 – Recently, an allegedly drunk driver rammed into a tree, splitting the vehicle in half. The accident scene he left behind was brutally shocking.

“When a fast-moving object, like a car, is being driven by someone allegedly under the influence, chances are, something bad is going to happen. It did in this case. The drunk driver ran his vehicle into a tree, splitting it into two pieces and killing his passenger,” explained Austin DWI lawyer Bobby Lee of Lee, Gober & Reyna.

The Acura Integra slammed into a tree on a center freeway divide, propelling one half of the car across the divide and into the path of oncoming cars in the westbound lane. A Nissan Sentra collided with the half-vehicle. “The force of the impact was so dramatic that the 20-year-old female passenger was trapped in wreckage for over two hours while paramedics and fire personnel attempted to free her with the Jaws of Life. She was pronounced dead on extraction,” Lee detailed. The driver was forcefully ejected from the car, landing in the westbound lane. He was still conscious and able to breathe on his own when EMS crews reached him. He was transported to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Eyewitnesses told police they had seen the car weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds just prior to the crash. Police arrest reports show that the driver will face DUI and manslaughter charges depending on the results of his blood tests.

“Drinking and driving is never a good idea. This case speaks for itself. But for the driver getting behind the wheel of his car while inebriated, a young woman would still be alive today. We represent plaintiffs involved in DUI cases. Our door is always open to you,” Lee stated.

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