Immigration Attorney Banerjee Comments on Latest H-1B Support

Houston, TX (Law Firm Newswire) October 2, 2013 — The American Federation of Teachers has joined with numerous faith-based groups, immigration-rights organizations, business owners and other unions to push for immigration reform.

The U.S. Senate introduced a bipartisan immigration bill in June. The Senate bill was drafted as a comprehensive reform plan to grant citizenship for qualified undocumented immigrants, increase border security and support the future of education for immigrant children. The bill is sitting in the House of Representatives.

“Numerous polls have shown, time and again, that most Americans do support a balanced approach to reform and that they strongly support a path to citizenship,” commented Houston immigration lawyer Annie Banerjee. The latest organization, the American Federation of Teachers, has formally joined with the Alliance for Citizenship, the AFL-CIO, and immigrants-rights groups organizations to urge the House to pass the bill.

The American Federation of Teachers is following the areas of immigration reform provisions which relate to how employers may temporarily employ specialty occupations to be filled by foreign workers. Previously, some employers have hired workers on H-1B visas and then placed those workers in jobs previously held by public employees, especially in areas of information technology and data processing.

If the current immigration reform bill is passed by the Senate, it is expected to strengthen employers’ requirements while documenting their shortage of domestic workers and the need to hire foreign workers in those areas. They must also have made a proven “good faith effort” to recruit and hire domestic workers prior to applying for H1-B visas for foreign workers.

The American Federation of Teachers President, Randi Weingarten, stated in a publically released letter that the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act would work only if a balanced approach to the H-1B program were taken, allowing qualified U.S. workers to be first in line for jobs and be given assurances that they will not be bumped for H-1B visa workers. Weingarten stated that the American Federation of Teachers espoused an unequivocal statement of support to prioritize American workers.

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