New Devices to Monitor Seniors’ Health at Home

New technology is being tested that can make it easier to monitor the health of older loved ones in the home. Motion sensors attached to walls and monitors located under mattresses can alert others if a senior has suffered a fall or is otherwise in trouble.

Most people prefer aging in place, that is, living at home as they get older, rather than moving to an assisted living facility. The new monitors being developed can help make that possible, when combined with common-sense changes to make the home safer, such as grab bars in bathrooms.

Some companies offer motion sensors that can be attached to a bed or chair and alert a family member if there is too little movement over a period of time. A monitor under a mattress can measure pulse and breathing. Other devices can help with medication, causing a pill bottle to make a sound when it is time for medication and sending a text to a family member if the pill is not taken.

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