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Google’s Link Schemes Get Dissected in the September Bigger Law Firm magazine

Sep 18, 2013

Google's Webmaster Guidelines' Link Schemes Featured in the September 2013 BLF Magazine.

The Bigger Law Firm magazine looks at Google’s Link Schemes, the ese of virtual offices, how to use YouTube’s One Channel for marketing and double authentication for enhanced website safety in the new September issue.

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) September 17, 2013 – The September issue of Bigger Law Firm, a magazine for attorneys, marketing experts cover everything from Google’s latest attempts to shut down “unnatural” links via their Link Schemes update, the increased use of virtual offices, two helpful new notetaking apps, why some lawyers are using Hangouts, YouTube’s One Channel, how double authentication can save firms a lot of heartache, and a free new plugin.

In September’s feature, “The Ultimate Guide To Google Link Schemes,” readers will find a detailed line-item overview of what Google considers to be a link scheme or unnatural link, and how that affects yours websites performance and reputation.

In “Get Social,” Ryan Conley explains how attorneys can harness the increasingly popular option of leasing a virtual office space to expand their firm’s local search reach. And, argues Conley, having a dedicated space to meet with those-area clients can make all the difference when it comes to how they view your availability.

Kerrie Spencer looks at two popular notetaking apps lawyers may wish to consider for their practice in this month’s “Taking the Law into Your Own Handheld.” Evernote Penultimate and Circus Ponies are both widely-used apps; they both do their jobs fairly well, but which one to choose depends on how the user prefers to manage multiple apps for multiple tasks.

Barbara Atkinson looks at the increased use of Google Hangouts by law firms, and how this alternative to Skype is growing in popularity in “The Strategic Use of Google Hangouts: Time Well Spent For Your Firm.”

In “A Closer Look At YouTube’s One Channel,” Brendan Conley explains how this new configuration of YouTube’s landing page can help with law firm marketing. Creating YouTube videos, writes Conley, is a way to increase a firm’s online presence; the new One Channel format optimizes videos for mobile devices as well as computer screens.

Justin Torres explains the safety concerns in “How To: Double Authentication for Website Security.” Using double authentication, he explains, is the way to add a critical extra layer of security to a website. “Using a pair of high-end gaming video cards, a single desktop-sized cracker could guess 9 billion passwords a
second. There are so many ways your information can be compromised, you should assume it will happen at least once a month.”

Ryan Conley covers this month’s “Product Review,” where he tests out the new WordPress plugin for attorneys, Lawyer Plugin. He looks at the plugin’s offering of links for lawyer’s websites, including the peer-to-peer lawyer directory, Law Resources, Court Resources, Bar Resources and Legislative Resources. “Lawyer Plugin is free, has obvious SEO benefits, and with some tweaks, it could provide genuinely useful resources to visitors,” he concludes.

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