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Mock Brain Matter On Hood Of Wrecked Car Serves As Teaching Moment For School Students

Jul 26, 2013

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) July 25, 2013 – A mock car accident included a graphic teaching tool for high school students.

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Austin Personal Injury Lawyers – Perlmutter & Schuelke, LLP

“This mock reality teaching tool for students is innovative and hits home for those that witness the aftermath of a two vehicle head-on collision, complete with live students acting as accident victims,” outlined Austin injury lawyer Brooks Schuelke, with Perlmutter & Schuelke, L.L.P.

The back-story for the teaching scenario: a high school freshman and his friends were on the way to the prom. Traveling in the other direction, toward them, was another carful of students who had been drinking. The accident scene depicted appeared as real as it gets on an open road, including first responders, ambulances, fire department personnel and police. The mock exercise was specifically designed to show students, in a graphic manner, what actually happens when someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle while drunk or drives while distracted.

The school field was a mass of twisted metal. Present for the event were fire trucks, a medical evacuation helicopter, police cruisers and several ambulances. Each fake body was wearing a portable microphone, which broadcast the trauma unfolding on the field.

“One student was cast in the role of the drunk driver. He was arrested by police. Another was ejected from his car and was lying in a lifeless heap on the hood of the car. Life-like brain matter was splattered on the hood. Those who acted in the educational scenario were simply told to pretend it was real. It definitely hit home,” added Schuelke. The main take away that students learned from the mock accident was that even if they are the best drivers in the world, are confident, careful and obey all the rules of the road, it does not mean the other driver is or does.

While this auto accident was faked, many others are not and have real-life consequences. “If you have been in an accident, my door is open. We need to discuss your legal options,” said Schuelke.

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