Governor Rick Snyder campaigns for a “Healthy Michigan”

Rick Snyder

Snyder says the goal is to help people.

Governor Rick Snyder discussed his “Healthy Michigan” Medicaid expansion program Monday evening at a high-tech town hall meeting.

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Snyder was connected from his press briefing room in Lansing to a number of other locations around the state by video and audio feeds. He answered questions from all of the different locations.

Currently, Snyder says we are funding the Emergency room visits of those without coverage through our increased insurance fees. He believes it would save money to send them to doctors opposed to the Emergency room.

Patriot Radio’s “Trucker Randy” Bishop asked why he didn’t opt out of Obamacare, like other states have done. The governor replied because that will leave people without healthcare and at the mercy of emergency rooms.

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Snyder says the goal is to help people.

State Senate leaders plan hearings on the issue on Wednesday.

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