Chronic Conditions Often Overlap in Assisted Living Facilities

The most common chronic conditions among residents of assisted living facilities are Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and high blood pressure. According to a government study, 82 percent of residents have at least one of these ailments. However, it is also significant how often these conditions overlap.

More than 733,000 people reside in assisted living facilities in the United States. More than half of the residents are age 85 or older.

Forty-two percent of residents in assisted living facilities have Alzheimer’s or other dementia and 52 percent have high blood pressure. However, 24 percent of residents have both, which complicates treatment. For example, patients with both these conditions are more prone to dizziness and falling.

In the case of heart disease, which 34 percent of assisted living residents have, the overlap with dementia and high blood pressure is also problematic. Treating heart disease with statins can cause cognitive difficulties, and patients with heart disease must avoid certain high blood pressure medications.

Nine percent of assisted living residents have all three conditions, which makes treatment extremely difficult.

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