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Transvaginal Mesh Licensed In Canada In 1998, Now Women Are Suing Medical Device Makers

Jun 14, 2013

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) June 13, 2013 – U.S. women implanted with transvaginal mesh kits are not alone. Canadian women are now also suing medical device makers.

“It’s a good indication that something is terribly wrong when you find out medical device makers with subsidiaries in other countries, such as Canada, are being sued for medical negligence for the same kind of defective medical devices women in the U.S. are suing Big Pharma for,” pointed out Austin personal injury attorney Bobby Lee, of Lee, Gober and Reyna in Austin, Texas.

Thousands of Canadian women, like their American counterparts, have faced years of suffering and ill health as a result of transvaginal mesh implants. American Medical Systems Inc, along with a long list of other medical device makers, is the manufacturer of the mesh used in Canada and the U.S. This product was first licensed for use in Canada in 1998, by the US Food and Drug Administration equivalent, Health Canada.

“Over time, as the mesh implants began to fall apart, erode, abrade and puncture other organs, lawsuits were launched. Many women faced enormous medical bills and had no way to pay them. Someone had to be held responsible for their pain and suffering. There are thousands of women now being represented by attorneys in both countries, seeking compensation for their medical expenses,” outlined Lee.

In February, 2013, a U.S. victim was handed a jury verdict of $3.35 million for the suffering and pain she had to endure as a result of a defective mesh implant; a clear indication that juries are likely to side with the plaintiff in other cases of a similar nature. It is also clear that the women are innocent victims of medical negligence brought on by a defective product that caused, among other things: infections, vaginal and urethra erosion, painful sexual intercourse, perforation and injuries to other organs and blood vessels. “The net result of these excruciating symptoms has been, for many women, more surgeries to try and remove what they can of the mesh and fix any other internal damage caused by it,” said Lee.

Surgical mesh had been previously used for hernia repair. However, in the case of pelvic organ prolapsed, surgery to repair it used the patient’s own tissue to craft a sling to hold organs. While the surgery was invasive and took time to recover, it appeared to be a better method than the transvaginal mesh kits used today.

Most device makers sold the kit on the basis of less invasive surgery being required, less time spent in hospital for the patient and less of a financial drain on the health care system. “How ironical that the same kits will now cost the makers a great deal of money to settle the lawsuits, and the surgeons that continued to use them, despite a high number of adverse events and warnings, may end up paying out a lot in court ordered awards,” added Lee.

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