Social Security Administration’s Website Gets Makeover for Mobile Devices

The Social Security Administration recently announced the launch of a new website that is optimized for mobile devices and offers new online accessibility features.

Beginning immediately, people who visit the agency’s website via smartphone will be redirected to the new mobile-friendly website. It features a searchable version of Social Security’s Frequently Asked Questions, an interactive decision tree to help people determine what documentation is required to replace a Social Security card, and direct access to scores of publications. Visitors may read the publications on-screen or listen to audio recordings through their phone.

Visitors can also create a personal “my Social Security” account. This allows online access to Social Security statements. If a user is unable to complete their Social Security business online or by phone, the website’s mobile office locator can find the nearest Social Security office and even give the user turn-by-turn directions.

In a press release announcing the site, the agency said that its website receives over 35 million page views each year from mobile devices. Acting Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin said that leveraging technology was a necessary response to dealing with budget cuts without compromising service.

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