Senior Home Solutions for Seniors Who Want to Age at Home

Senior Home Solutions allow seniors to grow old at home with common modifications that include walk-in showers, and specialized bathtubs with a front door.

Inspired by his 88-year-old grandfather’s struggles getting into the bathtub, custom remodeler and business owner Matthew Welch created Senior Home Solutions as a one-stop solution for elderly or disabled adults

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“I saw that, and as I person, I knew that there had to be another way,” said Welch, who recently opened up his new home renovation business called Senior Home Solutions. “So I ended up doing some research, and everything we found shows that is going to need assistance going forward.”

Senior Home Solutions make customers’ homes more accessible with walk-in bathtubs, wider doors for wheelchairs, or in some cases, an over custom plan. Welch’s goals is to re-envision people’s homes into one that better suits their needs with age.

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“Everything we learned about older adults is that they want to remain independent; they don’t want to move,” he said. “They want to remain in their home – but things that they used to like about their homes are now obstacles.

According to the United States Census Bureau, 14.1 percent of Michigan’s population is more than 65 years old. There is an ever-growing population of adults who would rather live independently and with as little dependence possible.

“Living in a retirement facility can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000 a month; it’s very expensive,” Welch said. “People sometimes don’t know that changes they make in their home can make staying there a possibility. And they would probably live better and be more comfortable.”

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Some of the most common changes include ripping out conventional bathtubs in favor of walk-in showers, or the specialized bathtub with a front door. Other popular changes are modular interior ramps, low-sitting cabinets, door widening, and the installation of grab bars.

Senior Home Solutions has been received well.

“We’ve receive a positive response, which is incredible,” he said.

One group that has been contacting Welch’s business is disabled veterans, who are searching for ways to reduce the impact of their injuries on their lives through home modifications. Veterans who are deemed more than 5 percent disabled can receive grant funding to defray the cost of renovations.

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