Medical Malpractice and High-Risk Pregnancy

When a woman is having a high-risk pregnancy, it’s vitally important that her healthcare providers keep up with the monitoring, counseling and treatments necessary to achieve as healthy and safe a delivery as possible.

Unfortunately, some medical professionals may act negligently and cause serious injury to the mother or child, in which case victims and their families may pursue a claim in Ohio for medical malpractice with lawyers in Cleveland. 

Types of Medical Malpractice Involving High-Risk Pregnancy 

In Ohio, medical malpractice can happen in many ways during a high-risk pregnancy. Sometimes, it’s a doctor’s failure to communicate with the mother or with the other medical professionals who are involved with her care. Other times, the physician may misdiagnose an illness or miss signs of a serious condition that he or she should have been able to diagnose with the information at hand.

Prescription drug error can be very dangerous for the mother and fetus during pregnancy, too. If a medical professional prescribes a certain pharmaceutical, he or she needs to be sure that the benefits outweigh the risks and that it is the correct drug in the correct dosage. Any mistake could cause serious and lasting damage.

A treatment or produced may be administered or performed incorrectly as well. Surgery may hold a higher risk of medical malpractice, and this can be especially true during a high-risk pregnancy when a woman may need an emergency procedure to save her life and/or the life of her baby.

Lawyers in Cleveland Can Help Pursue Ohio Medical Malpractice Cases 

If you or a loved one has suffered harm you feel is the result of a doctor’s negligence and malpractice, contact lawyers in Cleveland at Mellino Robenalt LLC for legal help. Call 440-333-3800 to set up an appointment with a lawyer regarding negligence associated with a high-risk pregnancy.