Special Consideration for Irish in the Immigration Bill?

The history of Immigration in the USA goes right along the history of slavery, and can be described by one word: Discrimination. The Asians were not even allowed to enter, because Immigration was restricted to people “from Caucasian descent.”
In 1923, when Bhagat Singh tried to get Citizenship, claiming that he was “Caucasian” (Indians are Caucasians by race), the US Supreme Court ruled that Indians could not assimilate into the “white society”, that East Asians were barred from immigrating, and applied it retroactively, denaturalizing all Asians given the Citizenship previously.
Fast forward not even a 100 years and the Irish are claiming favoritism again in 2013.  They claim its “hard” for people of Europe to immigrate and estimates that as many as 50,000 Irish people are currently living ILLEGALLY in the US.  They complain because they are not included in the “Diversity” visa, a visa given by lottery to any High School graduate because there are few citizens of that country.  Note India and China never were included in the diversity visa.  People from there come on the basis of merit.
And just how will Ireland justify allowing more numbers to the Immigration quota? Because they  have “political clout” with a lot of Senators. Senator Chuck Schumer is in their pocket. John McCain “works ” with them.
I have a note to Irish parents: why don’t you just have your children get the Bachelor’s Degree like the rest of us?  And yes, the CIS favors a British or Irish Degree over Indian or Chinese Degree anyways.
We should end country quotas, end Diversity based on country of origin, end Xenophobia, and get immigration not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our brain and character.
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