Pregnancy Delivery Complications that May Warrant Use of Mechanical Force

When pregnancy delivery complications and labor complications arise, mechanical forces may be used to facilitate and speed up the birth to avoid further complication.

Often, this includes the use of various tools, instruments and devices, such as forceps or vacuums, to remove the child from the birth canal. But if used improperly or unnecessarily and it causes serious injury to the child, Ohio medical malpractice attorneys may help parents prove negligence to recover damages.

Situations That May Call for the Use of Mechanical Force 

Some labor complications or pregnancy delivery complications that may warrant use of mechanical force include: 

  • When the baby is breech or transverse – When this happens a vacuum or forceps may be used extract the child quickly and safely.
  • When the labor is not progressing properly – Under these circumstances, assistive birthing instruments may help speed up the process and ease the mother’s stress.
  • When the baby’s head is turned in a difficult position – Forceps may help doctors reposition the baby’s head or other body parts, should they be hindering labor.
  • When the baby is distressed – Tools may be able to help speed the delivery in this case.
  • When there is a medical reason that the mother cannot push – If the mother is sick, injured or could be hurt by pushing further, the use of tools and instruments may be able to help complete the birth.
  • When contractions are weak – Doctors can often use vacuums to facilitate when contractions are weak or slowing.

When Mechanical Forces Lead to Birth Injuries, Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorneys Can Help 

Instead of helping to address labor complications, sometimes the use of forceps, vacuums and other mechanical forces can actually hurt the baby, causing injury and trauma upon birth.

Parents whose child has suffered an injury because mechanical forces were used incorrectly could have grounds for a malpractice claim. Parents can call 440-333-3800 today to speak to Ohio medical malpractice attorneys at Mellino Robenalt LLC about their legal options if pregnancy delivery complications were not properly addressed or if improper use of mechanical force caused injury.