Hypoglycemia and Newborn Medical Malpractice in Ohio

If complications from hypoglycemia in a newborn arise as a result of medical negligence, parents may be able to file a medical malpractice claim in Ohio. A medical malpractice attorney in Cleveland can help with the case, which requires demonstrating that a deviation from the standard of care led to injuries. 

Under what circumstances could medical malpractice in Ohio be a factor in hypoglycemia in newborns? 

The condition itself usually can’t be prevented. But it is critical that it’s diagnosed and addressed properly. This can be done through a routine test or there may have been risk factors or obvious symptoms that indicate a problem. Diagnostic mistakes and failing to recognize symptoms may be examples of medical negligence.

Another example is when the condition isn’t properly treated. Since the brain depends on blood sugar (glucose), levels need to be increased until they are normal. This can be done through extra feedings or a sugar solution administered through an IV. If conventional treatments don’t work, medication may be given. And in severe cases, partial removal of the pancreas may be performed to reduce insulin production.

It’s important that treatment continues for as long as necessary which could be hours, days or longer. Stopping treatment too soon could cause the levels to drop again, which might be considered medical malpractice in Ohio if doing so is found to be negligence and it results in serious complications.

Keep in mind that one of the biggest causes of newborn hypoglycemia is when the mother has diabetes. Maternal diabetes should be controlled throughout pregnancy, and after birth, the newborn’s glucose levels should be monitored as well. A failure to do so may indicate negligence.

Contact an Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorney in Cleveland 

If you suspect that a doctor’s negligence led to complications of hypoglycemia, contact an Ohio medical malpractice attorney in Cleveland at Mellino Robenalt LLC. A lawyer can review the details of the potential medical malpractice in Ohio and help with any legal action for negligence that led to complications of hypoglycemia in a newborn.