Emergency Room Malpractice and Errors During Pregnancy

Emergency room malpractice can pose a threat to any patient who comes in, leading to further injury, worsened conditions and even death, it can be particularly dangerous for pregnant women. If certain medical conditions are not diagnosed correctly or treated in a timely manner, pregnant women could suffer a number of dangerous consequences.

For all intents and purposes, pregnant women essentially represent two patients. Any mistakes or emergency room negligence may affect the child, too. The baby could suffer brain damage, be born with certain birth defects or, in severe cases, even die from cases of pregnancy malpractice. Parents who suspect that an error led to a medical condition or injury may consult a Cleveland, Ohio medical malpractice attorney to go over potential for financial recovery.

Types of Emergency Room Malpractice Errors 

When a pregnant woman enters the emergency room for treatment, doctors and staff must keep the needs of both her and the unborn child in mind when diagnosing, providing treatment, or managing the patient’s care. Failure to do so could be a case of pregnancy malpractice that victims may discuss with a Cleveland, Ohio medical malpractice attorney.

Possible types of pregnancy malpractice include: 

  • Failure to diagnose – Some women may sit in ER waiting rooms for hours before they are seen. This delays diagnosis and thus any necessary treatment, both of which can create medical risks for the child and mother.
  • Failure to provide specialized care – After a pregnant woman has been seen by ER doctors, she should be sent to the hospital’s obstetrics department. These specialized doctors can help evaluate the mother and child’s health and monitor for any signs of fetal distress. Neglecting to send a pregnant woman to the obstetrics department may be considered a negligent oversight on the part of the ER doctors.
  • Medication errors – Errors with medications and prescriptions may occur in emergency rooms. In the hustle and bustle of the ER, doctors and staff may prescribe the wrong medication, incorrectly file the prescription, or write the prescription so poorly pharmacists can’t read it correctly. The wrong medication could adversely affect the mother’s health and pregnancy.
  • Failure to provide follow-up care In the ER, doctors regularly request lab tests, X-rays and other scans to evaluate a patient. In some cases, medical professionals may fail to go back to those test results and examine them, which could result in an undiagnosed issue or condition for the patient.

Errors in the Emergency Room May Be Malpractice 

When emergency room malpractice leads to the further injury or harm of a patient, such as a pregnant woman and her child in cases of pregnancy malpractice, a Cleveland, Ohio medical malpractice attorney may help evaluate and pursue a claim. The plaintiff must demonstrate that the doctor did not follow an acceptable standard of care and that it resulted in injury and significant damages.

All in all, the patient could be due compensation for: 

  • lost income;
  • mental anguish;
  • physical pain and suffering;
  • medical bills and treatment expenses;
  • lost earning capacity;
  • loss of enjoyment of life; and/or
  • punitive damages, in cases of extreme recklessness or carelessness.

Additionally, if the error or negligence resulted in the death of either the mother or child, their family may also have grounds for a wrongful death claim, which could recover compensation for funeral expenses, burial costs, and other damages such as lost potential income.

Help with a Pregnancy Malpractice Claim from a Cleveland, Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorney 

Every pregnancy malpractice case is different. Victims who have suffered emergency room malpractice should contact Cleveland, Ohio medical malpractice attorneys as soon as possible for a full case evaluation. An attorney can help determine the best legal course of action, as well as estimate the amount of compensation victims are due.

In Ohio, malpractice claims must be filed within one to four years from the date of injury, depending on when the injury or harm was discovered. Victims in Cleveland can call 440-333-3800 or 216-241-1901 to speak a Cleveland, Ohio medical malpractice attorney at Mellino Robenalt LLC to get started with a case of emergency room malpractice.