C-section Recovery

Recovery after C-section can be lengthier and more difficult cases than after a traditional vaginal delivery. Women who have a C-section may recover enough to leave the hospital after two to four days compared to one or two after many vaginal births. Meanwhile, if negligence led to further complications requiring additional medical treatment, lawyers in Ohio may consult with mothers and parents about legal options.

Recovery after a C-section 

After giving birth via cesarean section, mothers are generally required to stay in the hospital for at least two to four days for recovery. In a traditional vaginal birth, mothers are usually able to head home after just one night; two at the most. 

While in the hospital, a mother who has just delivered via C-section will be given pain medication as the anesthesia begins to wear off. Women will also be monitored for infection, especially at the site of incision, and watched to ensure movement, fluid intake and bladder/bowel functions all return to normal. Mothers may also be prescribed medications to manage pain.

Once leaving the hospital, mothers may be encouraged to get as much bed rest as possible after the C-section to help them recover.

They may also be advised to: 

  • avoid squatting or lifting heavy objects;
  • support their stomachs when walking, standing and breast feeding, being especially careful near the incision;
  • take any prescribed medications for pain relief;
  • avoid sex until at least four to six weeks after delivery; and
  • drink lots of water, as many fluids are lost during delivery and breast feeding. 

Seeking Legal Help with Lawyers in Ohio 

In some cases, doctors and medical staff members make an error during C-sections or neglect to perform a C-section when it should have been performed. Any families affected by these costly mistakes can call lawyers in Ohio at Mellino Robenalt LLC at 440-333-3800 or 216-241-1901 to discuss whether they have grounds for a claim if mistakes were made that complicated recovery after the C-section.