Birth Injury Lawsuit Filed Over Child’s Cerebral Palsy

A lawsuit has been filed by a woman who alleges that her child’s cerebral palsy was caused by birth injuries the child sustained during delivery.

The woman claims that her daughter’s birth was prolonged because of the decision by medical personnel to not perform a Caesarean section and that this caused neurological injuries, including, but not, limited to cerebral palsy. According to court filings, the child is suffering from cerebral palsy, cognitive impairment, delays in development and seizures.

On May 3, 1999, the mother was admitted to the hospital in the early stages of labor. She was consulted about a possible C-section. The woman had slow progress and irregular contractions during delivery. An epidural and Pitocin were administered. The labor lasted for several hours and the baby was delivered vaginally. Medical staff noted that the baby was pale and limp. The infant was intubated and placed on a respirator in the nursery.

According to the lawsuit, the baby was later transferred to intensive care, with diagnoses of diminished movement in the left hand, possible Erb’s palsy, acidosis and respiratory depression. The lawsuit claims that medical personnel failed to properly monitor the fetus, did not respond to signs of fetal distress in a timely fashion and failed to perform a C-section. These errors are alleged to have caused the child’s cerebral palsy.

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