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95,000 Miles of Shoreline Says The U.S. Borders Will Never Be Secure

Apr 13, 2013

Miami, FL (Law Firm Newswire) April 12, 2013 – No one in their right mind would ever seriously think 95,000 miles of shoreline could ever be secure.

“Try imagining a secure border that runs 95,000 miles from one side of the country to another. It just cannot be done, which means even the short segments that are up and being patrolled are a joke. For years now Americans have been talking about securing the borders, but no one seems to grasp the reality of not being ‘able’ to achieve that,” suggested Larry S. Rifkin, a Miami immigration lawyer and managing partner at Rifkin & Fox-Isicoff, with law offices in Miami, Florida and Orlando, Florida.

The frightening thing is also that any immigration reform policy is supposedly predicated on the success of, in part, securing the borders. All over Washington, all across the nation, in every newspaper, on every newscast, on the lips of people on coffee row, the sentiment is to secure the borders. “Frankly, just how do you do that when the U.S. boasts about 7,000 miles of land border, thousands of airports and 95,000 miles of shoreline? Additionally, there are about 50,000 tourists that come here every year, most legally and some that just don’t go home,” said Rifkin.

If the U.S. is currently spending about $18 billion a year on controlling just what it can control now, plus all the staff to run the various programs and detainment centers, how much would that figure jump if “all” the U.S. borders were secured. “Boggles the imagination doesn’t it? And yet, much of the proposed policy changes to immigration reform suggest the borders need to be secure first before anything can be done. If that’s the case, immigration reform is going to be a very long time coming,” Rifkin pointed out.

Interestingly enough, recent statistics indicate that the number of illegal immigrants coming to the U.S. has declined, as a direct result of economics. The U.S. economy is in bad shape, jobs are not as plentiful as they once were and more immigrants are choosing to stay home, because their economy looks better than ours.

“The long and short of it is that immigration reform is really about economics and the roots of economic stability, or instability. If illegal aliens were citizens and companies employed them, there would not be an illegal labor market. It’s something worth thinking about. Sometimes the solutions to the most complex of situations are right in front of the faces of politicians, but thanks to their penchant to argue everything into oblivion, not much gets done. Whatever happened to the KISS principle?” pondered Rifkin.

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