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Audi Monterey Peninsula Sued for Selling a Wrecked Car

Mar 24, 2013

Santa Cruz, CA (Law Firm Newswire) March 23, 2013 – Audi Monterey Peninsula a dba of Cardinale GMC has been sued in Monterey Superior Court for allegedly selling a car without disclosing that it had been in a wreck. A local man bought a car from the Seaside, CA dealership and unknown to him the car had been involved in a prior collision suffering frame damage.

The lawsuit alleges that the car was repaired, including repainting the front passenger side to make it appear like new and, allegedly, to conceal the collision damage. Frame damage still exists and the car is unsafe to drive. The lawsuit alleges that Audi Monterey Peninsula knew about the collision and the subsequent repairs. The lawsuit alleges that despite Audi Monterey Peninsula knowing about the accident and collision the car dealership put the car for sale on its car lot and sold it without disclosing the previous collision. In fact, the lawsuit alleges that prior to purchase the area man asked Audi Monterey Peninsula whether the car had been in an accident or wreck and the Seaside, CA dealership told him that it would never sell a car like that. The area man feels like it was all a used car scam.

The lawsuit seeks actual damages, restitution, punitive damages and attorney fees. Furthermore, the lawsuit seeks an injunction to require the disclosure of previous collision damage to the public and prospective buyers.

Cardinale Oldsmobile GMC Truck, Inc., is a corporation that operates several dba’s including Cardinale Way, Cardinale Automotive Group, Cardinale Nissan, Cardinale Mazda and Audi Monterey Peninsula. Some locations are located in Salinas, CA.

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