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Child Custody Attorneys Can Bridge Agreement Gap, Agrees Denver Child Custody Lawyer

Jan 31, 2013

Denver, CO (Law Firm Newswire) January 30, 2013 – Is it worth the time and effort to work with a child custody attorney?

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With more separating and divorcing couples unsure if they should use legal presentation or mediation to help them with the dissolution of their marriage, some also wonder if working with a child custody attorney is necessary.

“The role of a child custody lawyer,” says Bill Thode, Denver child custody attorney, “is to work with the divorcing parents to reach the best parenting, living, and care solution for the child or children.”

There are numerous issues to consider when working out the best interests of a child or children during the marriage dissolution. While some divorcing couples can reach a mutually satisfactory agreement regarding spousal support, as well as asset and property division without extensive legal support, they often find that the emotionally laden and complex issue regarding child custody requires professional guidance. If the divorce process proves to be particularly acrimonious, an experienced divorce or child custody attorney may be the objective outsider who can help to work out a feasible, reasonable divorce and custody agreement.

In Colorado, child custody and visitation is known as “parenting rights and responsibilities.” Regardless of whether it is an annulment, a legal separation, a divorce or a paternity case, when it involves child custody, the courts will always work to consider the best interests of the child. The courts work to maintain neutrality regarding favoring the father or the mother; each parent is considered equally capable of quality parenting and either is equally capable of being awarded the primary residential responsibility for the child or children.

Though younger children still, on average, spend more time with one primary parent, older children are likely to have more balanced “split time” between two parents, if requested. And, in fact, Colorado family courts tend to prefer joint custody for co-parents if they have been found fit to parent.

Colorado family courts do not have a set age at which children can request with whom to live; the judge may simply have a short, informal discussion with the child to determine if the child is mature enough to make an informed decision. Also taken into consideration is any change in lifestyle and community, and how that may affect the child, as well as the relative health of the relationship between the co-parents and their ability to effectively parent as a team.

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