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Not All Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Make it to Court Asserts Nashua Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Dec 14, 2012

Nashua, NH (Law Firm Newswire) December 13, 2012 – The medical malpractice lawsuits that get to court litigate serious issues. It is rare to see a frivolous medical negligence lawsuit.

“Many people don’t realize that each and every medical malpractice lawsuit is painstakingly researched and evaluated before it is brought to suit. We use our connections and medical experts to determine if a case is valid, and this costs the plaintiff ‘nothing.’ That’s right, absolutely nothing. That means you have nothing to lose if you even just suspect you are a victim of medical malpractice,” outlined Charlie Donahue, a Nashua medical malpractice lawyer with offices in Keene, New Hampshire.

It is important to note though that not all bad outcomes with a doctor are medical negligence. And this is something that is discussed in great detail with a potential client when they come for a consultation about their case. “It’s entirely understandable that something may appear to be negligence on initial examination, However, one we have evaluated the situation, the injury or bad outcome may instead be the result of something the doctor had no control over that happened unexpectedly,” Donahue added.

Getting on top of medical negligence claims is important not only for the defendant, but the plaintiff, as it provides them with more background to allow them to make informed decisions on how to proceed with a lawsuit, or not proceed with a lawsuit, as the case may be. It also saves litigation dollars, which tend to be very high in medical malpractice cases. Plaintiffs are entitled to know the full scope of decisions open to them by talking about their case with an experienced Keene medical malpractice lawyer. Each case, no matter how uncertain the plaintiff may be about its validity, is given a thorough examination.

Lawsuits that do make it to the courtroom are there for a very good reason, or they would not be there at all. Lawyers have better things to do with their time than to chase a case that does not raise serious liability and accountability issues for a plaintiff. “It’s this simple – if someone is seriously injured by their doctor, and it was as a result of negligence, someone needs to be held accountable.”

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