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Female Vets Need More Support Back Home, Says Tampa Veterans Attorney

Dec 8, 2012

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) December 7, 2012 – Female vets are having an especially difficult time re-entering the workforce.

Although women make up some 15 percent of the military troops re-entering the U.S., and 15 percent of the entire U.S. armed forces, few Americans seem aware of women as veterans. The unemployment rate for post-9/11 female vets is currently at 19.9 percent, up from 14.7 percent in 2011.

“Many factors may be contributing to the unemployment numbers, including the largest-ever enlistment by women, ” says David Magann, a Tampa veterans attorney. “More women in the military means more women coming home, and needing civilian life services.”

Women vets historically have gravitated to jobs in the public sector, including education. But education and other public sector jobs have faced severe cutbacks, and women have been affected disproportionately. While the private sector has added some 3.5 million jobs since the recovery began in 2009, a mere 28.8 percent of those jobs went to women. Female vets would likely benefit from public sector job programs, such as job training programs for veterans, but the recent tax incentives for private employers, who work to hire veterans, means the emphasis stays on private sector work.

The VA also seems overwhelmed, contends Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. The nonpartisan and nonprofit group, which currently boasts more than 200,000 members, recently appealed to President Barack Obama to help address the specific needs of female veterans, including the health care currently offered to female vets by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The system is woefully understaffed in the area of female reproductive health, says Paul Rieckhoff, the founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Rieckhoff is calling for more support for female veterans in the U.S.

The VA says that there are a number of strategies, in place since 2007, for female vets, which they contend work to address female health care needs with high-quality health care services. The VA now offers mammograms, ultrasounds
and biopsies, according to the VA.

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