Charlie Donahue, Keene Injury Lawyer, Graduates from Noted Trial College

Nashua, NH (Law Firm Newswire) October 31, 2012 – The Spence Trial Lawyers College is noted for their crackerjack, “real people” attorneys, who fight hard for justice and equitable compensation.

“Hands down, Gerry Spence is a virtual legend. No one can beat his trial record. And when I was chosen to train with him, one of only fifty attorneys from across America, it was the chance of a lifetime for me. I knew I would work hard and learn even more ways to help my clients,” said Keene injury lawyer, Charlie Donahue. The Spence Trial Lawyers College offers ‘the’ premier training program for trial lawyers in America.

The trial lawyers who attended this month long hands-on training program spent 15 long hard hours every day, perfecting their skills, developing their spontaneity and creativity, their trial acumen, their presentations to juries and their drive to give a voice to those who have been injured and have no one else to stand up for them. The Spence Trial Lawyers College creates warriors for justice who do the right thing by plaintiffs, by being real, honest, open, upfront and committed to their cases. They have winning records and are responsible for some of the biggest jury verdicts in the country. They produce lawyers who are “real” people. It is as simple as that.

“The College has a grand vision that it has never deviated from since day one,” added Donahue. “They produce a new kind of attorney, one with the attitude of a dedicated and relentless warrior; a warrior who does not take no for an answer and who gets into the ring, rolls up their sleeves and uses their passion for justice to showcase the plaintiff’s case. The focus is on telling the clients story in a powerful, truthful and effective way while being real with the jury,” he explained.

Donahue is now inextricably linked to the best trial lawyers in the country, in a subtle, but powerful way. As graduates, they are all now warriors for justice, bound by the drive to see that justice is done in a profoundly effective way. They are they to help one another. They are only a call or plane flight away. United they stand. It is a concept of justice that has been sadly missing from the system for a number of years. It is time to re-ignite the “right.”

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