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Two Bikers Killed By Inattentive Drivers

Oct 20, 2012

Little Rock, AR (Law Firm Newswire) October 19, 2012 – Driving safely includes paying attention to everything one sees on the road, but that did not happen in these two biker deaths.

Arkansas Personal Injury Lawyer - Mike Smith

“Drivers have a duty to drive with due care and attention. However, many don’t seem to see motorcycles, and therein lies the problem. If they are not aware enough to see ‘all’ the traffic around them, someone may end up dead due to their inattention. That is what happened in these two cases,” explained Mike Smith, an Arkansas injury lawyer and Arkansas accident lawyer, practicing personal injury law in Arkansas.

Consider the case of the 56-year-old experienced biker, who died after being hit by a car. His experience was no help to him when a car crossed the center line, slamming into the motorcycle. The man was ejected, flying forward, as the bike flew backwards, landing in a front yard down the road. Emergency response personnel tried to stabilize the biker’s vitals at the scene of the accident, but they were not successful, and the man died.

“The police accident report indicated the car was speeding and the driver lost control of the vehicle. But for a speeding vehicle, the biker may well have still been alive today,” Smith pointed out.

The second biker death, involved a 23-year-old man, who had stopped his ride, because he had just come upon another collision – a deer and car mishap. As he was slowing down, he was clipped was a white Lincoln that rapidly left the scene of the accident, leaving the biker on the road. He was alive when rescue crews got to him, but died in hospital the next day.

“The only way the police were able to apprehend his killer, was because the Lincoln’s license plate had fallen off during the impact. The woman driver was subsequently booked for a hit-and-run,” added Smith. Car accidents may happen at any moment, and in that instant, the victim or victims may become seriously injured, wondering not just how they will cope with their injuries, but how they will pay for their medical care.

“If you have been involved in an accident, and have sustained serious injuries, don’t second guess the insurance company settlement, call an injury lawyer,” suggested Smith. “The insurance company mandate is to diminish or deny your claim. They are not your friends. They are in business to make money, not pay out large claims to accident victims. If they know they have to deal with an injury lawyer, your settlement is larger.”

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