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Divorce Can Impact Careers and Finances

Sep 5, 2012

Zephyrhills, FL (Law Firm Newswire) September 4, 2012 – The fact that the divorce rate is a little on the high side shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Even older people are experiencing “gray divorce” at a rate that is also rising. Divorce can affect every aspect of the lives of those involved from emotional to physical well-being to more pragmatic matters relating to career and finances.

Some couples either start or run businesses together. When the marriage falls apart and they begin to mistrust one another and argue, it can be very difficult for the couple to keep the business going. Also, the divorce proceedings may require investigation of the business and its assets, which adds another layer of stress. Depending on how civil or acrimonious the divorce is, former husbands and wives and business partners may find they no longer can access their own former offices.

It is not advisable to navigate through the legal maze alone, especially if the divorce could impact a business, career or other revenue-generating opportunity. The costs in both money and stress could be very high if one makes poor decisions in such situations. It is not considered sensitive or optimistic to think of these difficulties when one is beginning a marriage, but romantic relationships can dissolve quickly.

“Once the marriage is over, the aftermath and effects on the business may be arduous due to a lack of planning when getting married and establishing the business,” said Tampa family law attorney Marcie Baker.

Being well-informed beforehand helps to remove or reduce a good deal of the naiveté people can have about marriage, and therefore they may be less susceptible to making poor decisions fueled by emotion, if faced with the unfortunate reality of a divorce.

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