It is Relatively Easy to Replace a Lost Copy of Your Bankruptcy Discharge Record

It is a good idea to keep a copy of your bankruptcy discharge. However, if you lose it, it may be replaced.

When the bankruptcy process is concluded, the debtor is released from a variety of debts. In discharging them, it means they do not have any liability for that debt anymore. On discharge, which happens when the court determines the debtor has fulfilled all of their obligations in filing for bankruptcy protection, the debtor gets a copy of his discharge records in the mail. These records must be kept. This is information that your Iowa bankruptcy lawyer will cover during the early stages of your bankruptcy filing.

Keeping original bankruptcy discharge papers is routine for some people and for others, filing is not something they do on a regular basis. If the bankruptcy discharge papers cannot be found, the debtor may get another copy in one of two ways: getting in touch with the court where the bankruptcy petition was first filed or going online and to use the Federal Courts PACER system. They may also wish to touch base with their Iowa bankruptcy lawyer, in case there is an extra copy on their file.

If you want to do this in person, get in touch with the clerk of the bankruptcy court where you filed and where your bankruptcy was discharged. If you are not certain which court you need to contact, the information for all bankruptcy courts in the U.S. is available online. You need to pay a fee for the clerk to search and certify your papers and have them sent to you in the mail, or pick them up in person.

The PACER system allows individuals to create a free user account, prior to searching for a bankruptcy discharge. If the information is in the database, you then indicate how you are paying the per page fee for the information to download to your computer. If you are not debtor listed in the document you want, you are still able to obtain a copy of any public record bankruptcy papers by speaking to the bankruptcy court clerk when you filed your bankruptcy papers.

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