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Cleveland Medical Malpractice Lawyer Indicates Birth Injuries May Not Show Up Immediately

Jul 13, 2012

Cleveland, OH (Law Firm Newswire) July 12, 2012 – Even if the delivery went well, and there are no immediate signs of birth injuries, they may not show up until later.
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“Delivering babies is a balancing act for the doctor, involving a lot of skill and finely tuned instincts and years of medical training. Even with all their education and experience, some things just don’t go the way they should. Other things, they have no control over. During a delivery, there is a high risk of birth injuries, and some of them may not show up for months to years later,” explained Christopher Mellino. Mellino is a Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer of Mellino Robenalt LLC, in Ohio.

Medical negligence relating to birth injuries is not always detectable immediately. In fact, some birth injuries do not show up for years. For instance, developmental delay disorders or some of the cerebral palsies do not show up until the child is older. Children that do start to show signs of mental retardation or palsy may have sustained a birth injury. These kinds of disorders may be caused by improper monitoring of the fetal heart rate and inaction at a crucial time. A child’s life hangs in the balance just prior to birth, and any inattention, inaction or failure to diagnose, may have life-altering consequences for that child.

Detecting the presence of developmental delay issues is difficult for the parents, who are often unsure whether or not their child sustained an injury at birth. “For this reason, never hesitate to reach out to a skilled and competent Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer and ask questions about your situation. We are able to analyze medical records, speak to experts and determine if your child’s injury was likely the result of a birth injury,” noted Mellino.

In situations where a child has sustained a birth injury or the family suspects they have, it is best to seek legal counsel, largely due to the fact that the hospital and doctor will stop talking to them and maintain a wall of silence in the face of a potential lawsuit. There is no access to information and their questions go unanswered. Parents need to know what happened to their child when it was born, whether or not a member of the birthing team was responsible for a possible injury, what options they have in their situation and whether or not a future child may be born with the same kind of injury.

“Birth injury litigation is complex, gut wrenching and heart breaking all at the same time. Any medical malpractice lawsuit takes time to put together, prove and get to court. That is my job. Talk to me about your case, I have worked with situations like this for many years and know how to hold others accountable for medical negligence,” Mellino added.

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