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Grey Divorce on the Rise in America

Mar 27, 2012

Brandon, FL (Law Firm Newswire) March 26, 2012 – Census data shows that while the U.S. divorce rate has dropped over the past 20 years, it is rising sharply among people 50 and older.

In many cases the numbers reflect people who waited until their children were grown and out of the house before they made a decision that would be hard on them. In other cases, the numbers simply show that second and third marriages do not tend to last like first marriages do.

In 1990, about 10 percent of the divorces in the United States were among people in their 50s and older. In 2009, that number climbed to 25 percent.

“This demographic trend has been building for a while,” said Brandon divorce lawyer Joshua Law. “We see it in our client base.”

Many divorce researchers see the trend as a function of an aging baby boom population. This generation has always seen life differently than their parents did. People live longer and healthier lives today than they have in generations past. Many couples send their children off to college, and realize they still have 30 years or more to live and decide not to spend those years with the person they spent the last 30 years with, according to a recent story in the Wall Street Journal.

“Each couple comes to a divorce lawyer with a unique set of circumstances, but this older generation of divorcees can often approach the marriage dissolution from a different perspective,” Law said. “Since they do not have child custody issues to work out and many of them are both professionals, some of the ‘grey divorces’ can be cleaner.”

At any stage of life, divorce is a complicated endeavor and an experienced divorce attorney can help make sure a fair settlement is reached.

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