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Drugs Now Kill More People Than Car Accidents Says Arkansas Injury Lawyer

Dec 4, 2011

Little Rock, AR (Law Firm Newswire) December 1, 2011 – In a recent, frightening revelation drug abuse is now killing more Americans than car wrecks. Prescription drug abuse is on the rise across the United States.

“I never thought we would see the day when drug abuse is now killing more people than car accidents. If that does not give you pause for thought, nothing will,” commented Michael G. Smith, an Arkansas injury lawyer and Arkansas accident lawyer, practicing personal injury law in Arkansas. A recent report shows an unprecedented rise in prescription and illegal drug use, which is even higher than the figures of Americans killed in auto accidents.

Arkansas Personal Injury Lawyer - Michael Smith“The figures showed that drug deaths hit an all time high at 37,485 in 2009, while traffic fatalities hit 36,284,” Smith explained. “This is a staggering finding and one we, as a nation, need to heed and address with all due haste. The legal ramifications are staggering as well when you consider that death by drugs, particularly prescription drugs, may well result in medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits.”

Sadly, Americans are now popping more drugs than ever, with or without a prescription, and drug-related deaths have increased dramatically as a result. What is even more of a concern is that the numbers of drug-related deaths has increased every year for more than 30 years, which is the demarcation point for when the government started keeping track of auto accidents.

“The numbers also show that just about half of the states have had more drug-related fatalities than car wrecks over the last few years, but now, we’re talking about the national total bypassing car wrecks. That has got to be a concern if there ever was one,” he remarked.

It is a dramatic and inexplicably sad commentary on life when drug abuse gets to be the main reason why people are dying before their natural time. In fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration exposed that fact that this year, opioid abuse increased by 111 percent between 2004 and 2008. The other startling thing revealed was that more than 2 million Americans say they abuse drugs every year.

“Why is drug abuse becoming the Grim Reaper more often? It is largely due to a perception that because a drug has been prescribed it is therefore safe to take,” said Smith. “While it may be safe to take, it needs to be taken according to the prescription, and not according to the theory that more is better and helps a person get better quicker. There is also a dismal comprehension as to what drugs actually do to a person, and this is something people are finding out the hard way.”

In the meantime, deaths from Xanax, OxyContin, Vicodin and Valium continue to rise. The problem is hiding in plain sight, right in the medicine cabinets of everyone in America. “For those that have suffered harm as a result of taking a drug prescribed by a doctor, call my office and we will talk about your legal options,” suggested Smith.

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