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Rights For a Father Can Be Upheld Even When a Couple Is Unmarried

Oct 14, 2011

Brandon, FL (Law Firm Newswire) October 13, 2011 – An unmarried father who wants to be an active part of his child’s life, but is prevented from doing so by the biological mother, needs to get prompt legal representation to uphold his rights. Many men feel they are at a loss when it comes to winning their case, but that cannot be farther from the truth. The family law courts must give equal time to hear each side of the child custody proceedings and rule in the best interests of the child.

“In the last few decades, a real revolution has occurred to ensure that the legal rights of each biological parent are upheld,” said Brandon child custody attorney Joshua Law, of Osenton Law Offices. “Family law courts see that having both parents in a child’s life is critical to their well-being and future success.”

When a child is born out of wedlock, and a mother wants to give the child up for adoption, a father will need to petition for child custody. The most important thing to do after getting legal representation is to have a paternity test. This will establish that you are the biological father. The courts will then want to review your petition and evidence of you wanting to be involved in the child’s life. Documentation regarding what parenting responsibilities you’ve done or attempted to do is important.

Enrolling in the Florida putative father registry allows the biological dad to get notices of any court proceedings involving the child, including adoption or the mother’s termination of her parental rights. “If it is the case that the biological mother is combative against sharing visitation rights, an experienced child custody attorney will fight for the father’s rights to see their child and obtain child support as needed,” said Law.

Parenting agreements can also be constructed to keep decisions made for the child to be fair. These agreements cover everything from which parent has the child during holidays, vacations, and the normal schedule to health care, religious, and education matters. Enforcement of the parenting agreement is best left to an accomplished child custody attorney who will make sure that the child’s rights and parent’s rights are being preserved. Agreements can also be modified in the future due to a change in the child’s or parent’s circumstances.

To learn more or to contact a Brandon family law attorney or to contact a Brandon lawyer visit http://www.brandonlawoffice.com. The firm is experienced in counseling fathers who want to be an active part of their child’s life. Osenton Law Offices is known for being an advocate for parents who need a strong ally to successfully help their child custody proceedings have the best results.

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