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High-stakes Business Disputes Emerging in Los Angeles Superior Court

Oct 1, 2011

Los Angeles, CA (Law Firm Newswire) September 30, 2011 – Theft of trade secret allegations and lawsuits are making national headlines and piling up at Los Angeles Superior Court. Businesses from talent agencies to investment companies are seeking to protect their competitive edge as these very serious business matters can wreak havoc on sales, marketing, and public relations.

Diverse Talent Group filed a lawsuit in late August against three former agents and the Function Talent Group where they are currently employed. The three employees allegedly stole confidential information such as client lists and personal and financial data about clients before they left for Function. One former employee also allegedly hacked into the company computer and rerouted contact information after he left, which caused some clients to leave the agency. For a company like Diverse Talent Group, which has represented talent for “Lost”, “Mad Men”, and “Transformers”, just to name a few, this could be a potentially devastating loss.

Anthony Spotora“The jury will hear what type of confidentiality agreements and employment contracts were put in place with these employees,” said Los Angeles business attorney Anthony Spotora. “But what is also crucial evidence are the client contracts and what duty the agents had to protect client information.”

Another high-stakes lawsuit involves TCW, an investment company, and a former bond fund manager. TWC fired the bond fund manager and sued him for theft of trade secrets, using proprietary TWC information to form a new company, and wooing 45 TWC employees to come work for him. The bond fund manager filed a counter-lawsuit saying he was owed back compensation and the company had plotted to fire him.

“Prompt action must be taken when these business matters occur,” said Spotora. “A business works tirelessly to gain competitive advantages, but it can decrease quickly when these issues arise.”

Improper solicitation of clients, removing electronic data, and theft of confidential documents all has serious consequences. Business lawsuits are complex, so a having a solid business attorney is critical to the success of the case whether it goes to arbitration or litigation.

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