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Bigger Law Firm Talks About the Technologically Evolving Lawyer in November Issue

Oct 19, 2011

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) October 18, 2011 – Bigger Law Firm, a magazine for attorneys, debuts its first issue in November. The magazine focuses on the power of technology to help law firms of all sizes evolve. From innovative ways to increase law firm marketing efforts to building a dynamic lawyer website, Bigger Law Firm discusses useful tips to help a law firm grow and attract more clients.

The first issue features how lawyers can use mobile devices, cloud computing, and online legal marketing to run a more efficient business. Part of this involves taking the time to sync a firm’s online message with offline strategies such as television ads and billboards. This also includes having a unique, memorable graphic design that easily communicates a law firm’s brand and resonates with target clients.

“Lawyers are extremely busy and having a publication like Bigger Law Firm as a resource will help them get the latest information that will positively impact their bottom line,” said Bigger Law Firm editor Krystina Steffen. “All of our writers are attorney marketing pros that deliver the information in a concise, insightful way.”

The November issue also spotlights two experts that every law firm should be following. Steven Choi, the founder of LawLink, shows how lawyers can effectively use social media to increase their online traffic and gain new clients and referrals. Jason Bland, founder of SEO | Law Firm, explains the top website errors a law firm should never engage in. Steering clear of these mishaps helps firms gain more credibility, better SEO rankings, and the ultimate goal of profitability.

“Our mission is to also give the reader access to information that is usually only discussed behind closed doors or pricey seminars,” said Steffen. “When you can implement these tools faster, your firm can trim costs internally and reach a wider range of clients within days and months, not years.”

Exclusive tips for magazine subscribers include information on creating a Google Places listing for a law firm that has distinct practice areas. Duplicate listings with separate website links can cause a firm’s secondary listings to be suspended or unapproved. Google Places is a key part to increasing search engine ranking and a firm’s conversion rate.

Bigger Law Firm also discusses how video blogging can attract new clients and how smartphone and tablet apps can free lawyers from the office environment and interact with clients, referrals, and get the best information for upcoming cases.

As part of the legal magazine launch, subscribers can get a free Law Firm Newswire press release distributed through this big legal news network for every month of subscription. Subscribers will also get a free email newsletter about lawyer marketing strategies each week and an exclusive, monthly SEO tip.

Monthly magazine subscribers will find many ways to build a Bigger Law Firm™ with the in-depth content. To learn more, visit http://www.seolawfirm.com/blf-magazine/ or call 1.800.728.5306.

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