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Seek Legal Guidance Early On When Spousal Abuse Occurs

Sep 8, 2011

Orange County, CA (Law Firm Newswire) September 7, 2011 – Some celebrities, business people, and parents spend more time focusing on keeping their loved ones out of harm’s way versus having the time to focus on recreation, their career, and their future. The latest California headlines show no less than three incidences of spousal abuse in one week, and this is just what made it to the front page.

Spousal abuse and domestic violence is a real concern in some families, and victims of spousal abuse should seek legal counsel and court orders to protect themselves. A restraining order will safeguard an individual and kids from the perpetrator. A family law attorney can establish orders for child custody, visitation rights, and child support during this tough time too.

Orange County Divorce Firm, The Maggio Law Firm“California law upholds the best interests of the child,” said Orange County family law attorney Gerald Maggio. “You want to meet with a qualified lawyer early on to prevent any more abuse to you or the child, and seek legal action to ensure that your safety and financial concerns are met.”

Close to 500,000 people are victims of spousal abuse, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime. Many of the perpetrators use abusive techniques and behaviors to try to stay in control and have their victims under their power. There are many Orange County programs where perpetrators can get counseling to improve their wrongdoing and retrain themselves. Most perpetrators will have little chances for child custody unless counseling programs are successfully completed, and many can only have the ability to visit with their child during monitored visits. There are programs for alcohol and drug abuse, batterers, and anger management.

The Maggio Law Firm represents victims, children, and perpetrators in family law cases. They are one of the premier Orange County family law firms and known for being proactive, compassionate, and skilled in spousal abuse and domestic violence cases. They have helped hundreds of families in divorce and child custody hearings to protect the child and parent’s best interests.

To learn more about the Maggio Law Firm or to contact an Orange County divorce attorney, visit http://www.maggiolawfirm.com.

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