Deadly Semi Truck Accidents Remind Drivers of Road Hazards

Two people died in two separate semi truck accidents in Macon County in late June. Others suffered injuries. In the first accident, truck driver Dallas Hollin Jr. was killed when another big rig driver feel asleep at the wheel. Hollin had pulled his semi truck over on Interstate 72 after he had hit a deer and had called a tow truck to assist him. The other driver crashed into the rear of his trailer and killed Hollin instantly due to severe head and torso trauma.

In the second accident, a car crashed into a semi truck. The car driver crossed the centerline of Illinois Highway 48, slamming into the semi. The car caught on fire after its diesel fuel tank burst. The automobile driver was pronounced dead at the scene from internal chest injuries. The semi driver was able to leave uninjured.

These accidents stress the magnitude of what can happen in a truck accident. Whether you are the driver of a big rig or another vehicle, truck accidents can cause serious injuries, death, and complex legal issues. Investigating the cause of the accident and who is at fault can be particularly challenging. In the first accident, for example, it may be difficult to determine what caused the big rig driver to fall asleep at the wheel. Commercial drivers who are in a deadly accident are tested for drugs and alcohol, but should that come up negative, there are many concerns that only legal experts and accident investigators can properly examine. Questions regarding truck maintenance, pressure for the driver to drive more hours, and even a truck company’s training policies and safety audits come into play.

At fault truck drivers have rights too. Even when a truck driver is at fault, they are entitled to workers’ compensation as their injury was caused on the job.

Many auto drivers do not realize that a semi truck has large blind spots, needs to make wider turns, and cannot stop as fast as normal vehicles. Accidents can occur when cars try to dart around semis or drivers become impatient and drive too closely to them.

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