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Changes to Parenting Agreements Can Occur as New School Season Starts

Sep 7, 2011

Brandon, FL (Law Firm Newswire) September 6, 2011 – A lot can happen over the summer with the kids and divorced parents. As kids are now back school, some parents want to bring up discussions about modifying the parenting agreement. Courts will approve a change in the visitation agreement when a child’s schedule changes. Variations such as a child going to school for the first time or school start and end times that conflict with a parent’s work schedule can merit a change.

“Courts want a modification to make sense,” said Brandon child custody attorney Joshua Law, of Osenton Law Offices. “They do not want a child at home alone or over at the neighbors if they could be with the other parent who has more time to take care of the child on specific weeks.”

The adjustments should also reflect if there are new extracurricular activities the child is participating in, who will be paying for them, and any changes to the pick-up and drop-off schedule.

“Family law judges understand that as kids grow up, the schedule will need to be modified,” said Law. “But it can never be done with the intention of making a change just to lessen child support.”

The changes must still reflect the best interests of the children, not solely the parent’s wishes and demands. Temporary and permanent changes might also need to be made for school breaks and holidays, so it is beneficial to discuss with an ex what is best for the child. If there are modifications to the financial and medical decisions for the child, this is the time to update those parts of the agreement too.

“Kids benefit from a consistent schedule that encourages school activities, outside interests, and having their own friends,” said Law. “The least amount of stress that is put on them from their parents being divorced will help their grades, health, and future outlook on relationships.”

Brandon child custody lawyer Joshua Law is experienced in helping parents with solid legal advice as they look to modify a parenting agreement. He belongs to the Florida Bar Association and also counsels on many other family law matters.

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