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Toddler Loses His Life Thanks To Drunk Driver

Aug 17, 2011

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) August 16, 2011 – The drunk driver in this case killed a toddler and seriously injured three others. Drinking and driving kills.

“This case never should have happened. But thanks to a drunk driver who thought he could handle driving his car while inebriated, this devastating wreck killed a little boy one week shy of his first birthday. Three others in this collision were also seriously injured,” said Robert W. Lee, a personal injury attorney of The Lee Law Firm in Austin, Texas.

It is cases just like this one that make people wonder just how tough the DUI laws are where they live. All too often the driver manages to beat the system and is let loose to keep drinking and driving, despite what they state at their time of their arrest, processing, fine payment stage and perhaps even in jail. The plain and simple truth is that if the drunk driver does not get serious help for his or her addiction, accidents just like this one will happen again.

“In this reported case, a lone vehicle was heading south on the interstate when the driver lost control of the car, slamming into a guard rail. The police chalked this awful wreck up to alcohol, after they found the littlest passenger dead at the scene. Three other children were ejected on impact and none of them was wearing a seat belt or any type of restraint,” Lee said.

EMS crews rushed the three kids, in serious to critical condition, to the nearest children’s hospital. Two adults were also taken for medical care, as both of them were in serious condition. The drunk driver was taken to a different hospital. A 6-year-old boy was still in critical condition the day after the accident and two young girls, ages three and four, were listed in good condition. “DUI charges were pending against the driver when he got out of the hospital or recovered enough to understand the charges against him,” Lee said.

Unfortunately, in this instance, two adults made a decision to ride in a car with a drunk driver, and take their children along too. Typically, many juries do not view cases like this as favorably as two vehicle crashes, largely because there was an element of choice involved. “However, there were kids involved in this mess, and they will need compensation to pay for their medical bills, as will the other two adults in serious to critical condition,” Lee said.

This will likely be a tough case for the victims, largely because they may be related in some way to the drunk driver. Suing one’s own family is never easy, but with insurance money on the table, this would help the victims out. “Never settle a case like this by just dealing with insurance companies,” insisted Lee. “For this kind of a complex case, you will need the experience of a knowledgeable Austin personal injury lawyer. If you want fair compensation, it is my job to get it for you.”

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